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Roydons Trust

The Roydons Trust

The Roydons Trust is an old village trust fund, possibly dating back to a religious order in medieval times.  Money for the Trust is raised in rent derived from the rental of a plot of land at the eastern end of the village beyond the Staithe.

In the nineteenth century the Trustees had applied for a charity to be established known as ‘The Townlands or Roydons Charity’.  An Order published on behalf of the Charity Commission dated 21 May 1878 records that income from the rental of the land should be divided in two equal shares between the Rector of the Parish of Rockland St Mary for his own use and benefit and the Church itself for the purposes of defraying the cost of any necessary repairs of the Churchyard wall at Rockland Church.

In a subsequent Charity Commission Order published in July 1906 reference was made to the Trustees’ intention to build a reading room in Rockland St Mary.   As a result of this decision it was stated that the income generated by The Townlands or Roydons Charity should be split be allocated in three equal shares, with one third being used for the maintenance and repair of the Reading Room.  The remainder of the income was divided as before.

The Reading Room, or Parish Room as it is now known, was subsequently built in 1909 on a plot of land donated to the village by John Turner Hotblack.

The current trustees of the Roydon Trust, as registered with the Charity Commission, are:

Alan K. Cole, a solicitor based in St Martin at Bale Court, Norwich who is a nominated trustee

David Scott of The Street, Rockland St Mary

Reverend John Shaw of Church Close, Rockland St Mary, in his capacity as Rector of the Parish Church.


The income from the rental of the land is allocated between a two thirds share to the Parochial Church Council, with Reverend Shaw waiving his personal right to a share and the remaining third paid to the Parish Room Committee.


Jim Wretham