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Multiply Project

By Charlotte Rust - Parish Clerk Rockland St Mary with Hellington Parish Council

Thursday, 2 February 2023


Rockland St Mary with Hellington Parish Council Contributor


Multiply is a new programme to help adults improve their maths skills with free courses. They will be able to take part if they are:

  • over 19
  • do not have maths GCSE at grade C (or equivalent)
  • live in Norfolk

Good maths skills can help people access job opportunities and lead to higher wages, help prepare for further study or in everyday life, such as helping children with homework and budgeting money.

How can Multiply Champions support you?

We are working with Norfolk County Council Adult Learning and the partner providers at Great Yarmouth, Kings Lynn and Norwich colleges to broker Maths provision designed to fit around learners. The providers can look at putting a group together, work with an individual, online or in person, at different levels.

If individuals are not eligible for Multiply, the Multiply Champions can liaise with the partner providers to support next steps and see what existing courses that may be suitable.

Multiply Champions can:

  • Attend educational and wellbeing events and job fairs to promote the free access to Maths courses.
  • Provide drop-in sessions working with community settings to offer conversations around Maths we use every day, playing number games and again supporting next steps.
  • Support local businesses for employees to access Maths Skills. We can provide funding to make sure their time is paid for during their workday, so their employers are not losing out.
  • Act as facilitators who will link in with the learners and professionals and businesses to make them aware of what we can provide and signpost.

You can refer an individual directly using the online form and find more information here: Multiply free maths courses - Norfolk County Council

Contact Information

Charlotte Rust - Parish Clerk

  • 07960 887791

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