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Rockland St Mary with Hellington Parish Council

New Play Equipment

                                                                     New Play Equipment at Green Lane Playing Field

The Parish Council intend to obtain some new play equipment for the Green Lane Playing Field.  Working with the Parks and Amenities Team at South Norfolk Council, as well as several companies which supply children’s play equipment, we have identified the equipment which we consider most suitable for the site.  On the  plan, you can see the type of equipment we plan to purchase and also where it will be sited.

Q How much will it cost?

A Just under £21,000.

Q Where will the money come from?

A  As part of the Bee Orchid Way development the developer is required to provide funding for play and leisure equipment.  This is known as off site space contribution.  The new play equipment will be paid for from this allocation.

Q If the money relates to Bee Orchid Way, why isn’t the new play equipment being sited there?

A The Green Lane site is a more suitable setting for play equipment.

Q  Equipment at Green Lane has been vandalised in the past.  How will you prevent the new equipment being vandalised?

A Unfortunately, it is not possible to completely eradicate the possibility of vandalism> However, we have taken steps to reduce the risk, for example, by installing a lockable gate.  In addition, we are opting to purchase metal play equipment which will be more resistant to vandalism.

Q When will new play equipment be installed?

A The developer is not required to make the payment until the first new property at Bee Orchid Way is occupied.  That is likely to be in a about a year’s time.

Q: How did the Parish Council decide which equipment to purchase?

A:  We took into account views expressed by parishioners in response to questionnaires, at parish council meetings and also the expert views of the parks and amenities team at South Norfolk Council.

Q How can keep up to date with what is happening about the playing field?

A By checking the Parish Council notice boards in Rockland and Hellington, coming along to Parish Council meetings and by visiting this website

Please click on the link below to see the new equipment