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THE BRAMROCKS  have been producing plays and pantomimes in the Margaret Mack Room for almost 40 years.  They started with about twenty members paying a pound into a fund to cover expenses until tickets had been sold.  The name came into being because most of the members were from Bramerton, Rockland and Surlingham.  Over this period of time there have been many members. It is pleasing to note that several of those who began with Bramrocks are now on the professional stage.  One member in particular,  supported by the National Operatic and Dramatic Association (NODA),  is attending drama school at present.

During this time Bramrocks have matured in as much as what started out with lighting made up with two 7 pint Watney’s Red Barrell beer tins fitted with 120 watt bulbs operated with two domestic dimmer switches and no sound has now developed into very sophisticated lighting and sound equipment costing several thousand pounds.  Many mishaps have also taken place.  Friday night seemed to be the night when problems arose.  On one occasion the curtains failed to open or close and on another occasion the lighting fuse burnt out and the show was finished with a follow spotlight.

During one well known play a whole page of script was missed out during the explanation of the plot.  Fortunately, this was noticed by another player who managed to ad lib.  In spite of all this everyone seems to enjoy the shows.